Web Development

Web Design and Development solutions include Online Directories, Content Management System customization.

  • Creative Designs by Mim Creative Designs Web Design and Dev for Creative Designs by Mimi, Concord, CA. Visit Site >
  • Kathy Bate Interior Design Kathy Bate Interior Design Web Design and Development for Kathy Bate. Walnut Creek, CA. Visit Site >
  • Bonnie Wild Coaching and Consulting Bonnie Wild Consulting Web Design and Development for Bonnie Wild Consulting. Visit Site >
  • Milestone Broker Milestone Broker Design and Dev for Milestone Broker. Martinez, CA. Visit Site >
  • All American Cargo All American Cargo Design and Dev for All American Cargo. Miami, FL. & Nicaragua. Visit Site >

Graphic Design

My Graphic Design section consists of Logos, Poster, Flyers, CD Covers, Business Card, and Brochure designs in Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • TACH Golden Gate TACH Golden Gate T-Shirt design.
  • CKC Waikru CKC Waikru Concord Kickboxing Club logo, is now used in Thailand and Cambodia with the club founders.
  • Deuce Eclipse Deuce Eclipse Design for Bay Area Hip Hop artist Deuce Eclipse.
  • Full Deck Crew Full Deck Crew Old Vector Poster design for Bay Area Hip Hop group Full Deck Crew.
  • Pacific Auto Export Pacific Auto Export Print and Web graphics created with Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Shipwerck PC Shipwerck PC Shipwerck PC logo created for Infinum LLC's PC Gaming Systems.

Personal Art

Part of a personal collection of drawings and illustrations I've done in the past using traditional and digital methods.

  • Mandarina Mandarina Water color painting from a magazine picture.
  • Modelo Modelo Pencil drawing using various levels of lead hardness to achieve shading.
  • 1948 Indian Chief 1948 Indian Chief Pointilation / Stippling technique applied with Pen and India Ink.
  • Silhouette Silhouette Water Color and Guache.
  • KryloBot KryloBot 3D/CG Model of a transforming spray can.
  • Cheech Wizard Apple Stout Cheech Wizard Apple Stout One of many Pen and Ink bottle lable designs / mock-ups featuring Vaugn Bode's Lizards.

Adaptive Web Design and Development - Desktop, Tablet, Smart Phone

Adaptive Web Design and Development for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Platforms

This site's User Interface is constantly re-designed and developed as I attempt to keep my UI/UX skills sharp. While this used to be my main site to showcase design and development work as a former web consultant, I now use it as my experimental site.

I've developed this site utilizing my experience in Progressive Enhancement, AJAX, jQuery, Media Queries, SEO, Cross-Browser Compatibility, HTML and CSS Re-factoring, and Web Performance Optimization. However, I keep the rules somewhat loose, since after all, it's my own site, and being a portfolio site, images are less Optimized than in an eCommerce site.

My intent is to give you a great user experience not just in your desktop browser, but in hand sets and tablets like Android phones, iPhone, and iPad as well.

I also left my design and personal gallery open. I don't often get the chance to design, paint or draw any longer, so some of the designs you'll see may be old. Some were even created using tools and applications I haven't used in years as I transitioned to a full tile Web Developer, but that knowledge is still somewhere my tool shed.