Brand Design

Drawings and Illustration in Pencil, Pen, and Ink.

  • Shipwerck PC Shipwerck PC Shipwerck PC logo created for Infinum LLC's PD Gaming Systems.
  • Milestone Broker Milestone Broker MILESTONE logo created for Milestone Broker. Martinez, CA.
  • Dehesa Distribution, Inc. Dehesa Distribution Logo created for Dehesa Distribution, Inc. Concord, CA.
  • All American Cargo All American Cargo Logo design for All American Cargo. Miami, FL. & Nicaragua.
  • Ultimate Tanning Center Ultimate Tanning Center Logo design for Ultimate Tanning Center. Concord, CA.

Posters & Flyers

Personal Paintings in Water Color and Guache.

  • Full Deck Crew Full Deck Crew Old Vector Poster design for Bay Area Hip Hop group Full Deck Crew.
  • CKC Waikru CKC Waikru Concord Kickboxing Club logo, is now used in Thailand and Cambodia with the club founders.
  • Get Mad Get Mad Get Mad flyer design for MAD - Mobile Applications Developer. Walnut Creek, CA.

Mixed Media

Gigital Art, Illustrations, & CG Graphics.

  • TACH Golden Gate TACH Golden Gate T-Shirt design.
  • Pacific Auto Export Pacific Auto Export Print and Web graphics created with Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Prairie Prairie Prairie - Icon design for Storm Dragon Productions.
  • Deuce Eclipse Deuce Eclipse Design for Bay Area Hip Hop artist Deuce Eclipse.