Drawings and Illustration in Pencil, Pen, and Ink.

  • Modelo Modelo Pencil drawing using various levels of lead hardness to achieve shading.
  • 1948 Indian Chief 1948 Indian Chief Pointilation / Stippling technique applied with Pen and India Ink.
  • Cheech Wizard Apple Stout Cheech Wizard Apple Stout One of many Pen and Ink bottle lable designs / mock-ups featuring Vaugn Bode's Lizards.
  • Kawasaki ZX7 Kawasaki ZX7 Bic Ball Point pen drawing.
  • Alchise Apache Alchise Apache India Ink Stippling/Pointilation illustration of Alchise .
  • Ill Eagle Ill Eagle Ink drawing colored with DeSign permanent markers. Eagle character is originally from 1070's comic book artist Vaugnh Bode.


Personal Paintings in Water Color and Guache.

  • Mandarina Mandarina Water color painting from a magazine picture.
  • Silhouette Silhouette Water Color and Guache.
  • F14 Tomcat F14 Tomcat F14 Tomcat painging in Guache.
  • Pre-Columbian Pottery Pottery Water color painting from Nicaragua's Pre-Columbian Nahuatl speaking indiginous inhabitants.
  • Flor Corinto Flor Corinto Water color flower painting.
  • Good Old Times Good Old Times 1990's Legal Graffitti Pieces spray painted at Psycho City in San Francisco.

Digital Art

Gigital Art, Illustrations, & CG Graphics.

  • Tulio Tulio Verctor portrait of my son.
  • KryloBot KryloBot Spray Can Robot Transformer concept created in Cinema 4d.
  • Opel Speedster Opel Speedster Opel Speedster 3D model in Cinema 4d.
  • RSEN RSEN Memorial design.
  • Xiuhtecutli Xiuhtecutli The Aztec God Xiuhtecutli, illustrated in Photoshop.
  • Escudo de Solórzano Escudo de Solórzano One of my earliest digital paintings, my representation of the Solorzano Coat of Arms.